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     Suncoast Puppies


Suncoast Flat Coats would like to announce a new litter of puppies born on Wednesday, October 9, 2002. CH Suncoasts It Takes A Thief and Suncoasts Duces R Wild produced eight puppies -- six females and two males, all black in color. 

I have been breeding and showing FCR for over 20 years and am totally committed to this wonderful breed. Only one or two litters are planned each year and I keep and or co-own at least one puppy from each litter. We produce quality FCR that I feel conform to the breed standard. My love for this breed ensures that we breed only the best that we humanely can.

Everything in my power is done to ensure that puppies are free from inherited problems, by screening breeding stock from problems that prevail in this breed, has been accomplished.  However, due to complex genetics and environmental factors beyond our control, we find that we cannot guarantee that a puppy will be absolutely free of all genetic disorders. Mother Nature has a hand in designing these babies and can sometimes surprise us. Pups are given intense socialization and exposure to a variety of life experiences and sounds. When a litter is available, I am very particular about the homes these puppies go to. Doing the best to screen prospective owners to make sure a good match between the puppy and the buyer.  

    Puppies are like wild untrained children. They are not trained, well-mannered and/or well behaved.  Training the puppy to behave is the responsibility of the new owner.  I do try to start the learning process, but it is up to you the new owner, to further train the puppy's personality, through discipline, training, guidance, and most of all love.  So that I can learn a little about you, I ask that you fill out the questionnaire form as the first step is assessing whether or not you ‘fill the bill', to be owned by one of these pups.

Pups are sold as either show prospects or pet prospects. Show prospects require a co- ownership agreement. Pet pups are intended to be a lifetime friend and MUST be raised as an integral part of the family. Pet pups are sold on a NON BREEDING REGISTRATION, which means that if the dog is bred, the resulting offspring will not be recognized or eligible for registration with the AKC. Pet pups are required to be spayed or neutered. Ask your vet about the healthful reasons to either spay or neuter your pup.  Regardless of the purpose for purchase a fences yard is REQUIRED. Crate training is also highly recommended in the humane way of raising and pup and I will assist with this endeavor as much as possible. I try to evaluate each puppy's personality by observing them during their development while at play and try to match the puppy to the buyer to produce the best situation for both the puppy and your family. 

You will be given a list of suggested equipment and supplies to purchase before bringing your puppy home.  I provide a booklet which includes information on training and caring for your puppy as well as a copy of the pedigree and a copy of our sales agreement along with all health records pertaining to your puppy.

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