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Suncoast Flat Coats

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The Flat Coated Retriever (FCR) is a medium sized, stylish, upstanding, multi-purpose, hunting retriever and is recognized as one of the oldest of the retrieving breeds. The flat coat is a relatively rare breed in the dog world. Though an uncommon dog, they generally provoke interested comments from those seeing them for the first time and great speculation as to what breed of dog he is. People insist they are a mix of Labrador and Irish Setter, a black golden, or a longhaired Labrador, and are in doubt as to their true parentage.

While a versatile dog, the flat coat is not for everyone. They are a very active, cheerful and devoted breed that demands an outlet for their energy and lots of attention. Some can be constant lickers, others will paw constantly, plus their strong enthusiastic tail is at coffee table level. They are good in the obedience ring, agility, field training, therapy and/or search and rescue when trained. However, as their trainer, you must have a sense of humor to get them to the required standard. The flat coat is not a dog that can be locked up in a kennel or house for days on end. They become destructive and hyperactive; they are a people dog and DEMAND to be part of your family. If you do not have time to spend training, exercising, enjoying and loving a dog, then the flat coat is not for you.

The flat coat is a slow-maturing breed, with a very long puppyish period. Affectionately referred to as the Peter Pan of all dogs.

Ideally, any potential FCR owner will have spoken with breeders and owners, and met as many flat coats as possible. This pre-ownership experience can mean the difference between a happy loving, lifelong dog owner relationship and a potential tragedy. A flat coat does not fit into everyone’s lifestyle -- a fact that some people only discover after they have purchased an FCR and lived with it for a while.

The purchase of a dog of any breed is a life-long commitment and acquiring one should never be taken lightly. All prospective owners or adoptees are thoroughly screened, and we reserve the right to decline anyone who does not meet our rigorous standards. All show prospect puppies are sold with a contract and on a co-ownership basis. All pet puppies are sold with a spay/neuter agreement and all puppies are tattooed and/or microchipped for positive identification. Anyone who disagrees with these requirements should seek a dog elsewhere. One very important aspect of my contract is that if, for ANY reason, you can no longer keep a flat coat you purchased from Suncoast, you MUST return the dog, regardless of the reason or age of the dog. "We realize that life does not always go the way we planned it".  Remember -- at Suncoast, I am there to support you and your FCR at all times. I am committed to the lifelong happiness of my furkids.

At Suncoast, I endeavor to raise my flat coats in a country atmosphere with love and pride and seek to breed according to the standards set by The Flat Coated Retriever of America of which I have been a member since 1982.

FCRSA Rescue is there to help ALL FCR’s, who on rare occasions, end up in shelters.  FCR's, for a variety of backgrounds and situations, occasionally do end up in rescue. We appreciate being told of any FCR in this situation and will help out. To find out more about FCR rescue, dogs available who need a new loving home, or you wish to help, contact: Jackie Capes   P.O. Box 156, Francestown, NH   MapleManse@aol.com


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