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This young cat was abandoned at the Tangipahoa Animal Control Center with a litter of kittens. The center felt they could find adopters for the kitten pretty easily, but the mother cat was problematic. Somehow along the way in her short life, her front paws had apparently been removed. She had only one toe left.

She was a sweet cat though, and a good mother. When a potential adopter heard about her plight, she agreed to adopt the cat sight unseen.

Nonetheless, it was love at first sight. The Louisiana Rescue Caravan worked to get the adopter and the cat together, and they've been fast friends ever since. When the adopter sent these pictures, she said, "This is such a special cat. Even if she weren't a rescue, and a handicapped one at that, she'd be special.  She has such a companionable and affectionate personality."

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Her name is now Spunky, because she is. She's as healthy as can be, her coat just shines, and she is the kind of cat who is almost like a dog. She wants to be wherever you go. She loves to just lie around while people are talking or cooking or working on their computers.  Spunky can be playful, but is usually just a couch-potato. She's much more person-oriented than most cats, and enjoys being with people more than anything.

Spunky is a real joy to her adopter and is obviously very happy.  Her desire to be with you is like a constant "thank you"!

Submitted by JoŽl Levy

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