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A young Golden Retriever female was found as a stray in St. Tammany parish. Her benefactor was so touched by her personality and her "diamond in the rough" appearance that she was left, not at the animal shelter, but with a compassionate vet, who was willing to check her out and briefly board her. The young Golden girl was tentatively named Lucy, treated for heartworm infestation, and spayed.  A potential placement on the west bank did not work out: Lucy was quickly house-broken and got along with her brother dog, but she chewed
on valuable furniture, and even on some baseboard moldings. Another young family, this one in Kenner, was interested in meeting Lucy. The adoptive mother had never had a dog before and insisted she wanted a dog who was gentle and relaxed. Despite being only about two years old, Lucy-who was renamed Preciosa --filled that requirement perfectly. Her new mother and father positively glowed the day they met her, as they walked with her through the pet supplies store, stocking up on a crate, food, and other supplies. They dote on her and spoil her every way they can. We don't know what Preciosa's life was like before, but we know that her life today is full of caresses.

Gloria Manucia

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