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1/23/2001   Moxie-mom note

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Moxie being picked up

Life must have started out pretty good for Moxie. He has beautifully cropped and standing ears, is well mannered and obviously has had some obedience training. He loves people, including little people (children), older folks, men, and gets along very well with other dogs and cats. He
wants to be a lap dog, but can't figure out if he wants his head in your lap or his seat in your lap.

Somewhere along the way, things got bad tho. Finances must have gotten bad, and his people couldn't afford to feed him. He started losing weight, and pretty soon his bones were sticking out all over. Then his people got evicted from their house, and had nowhere to go. Moxie ended up in a
shelter in Texas.

After a few days, Tracey showed up, making her weekly rounds at the shelter looking for any Great Danes that might be there. She saw Moxie and was immediately taken in by his wonderful temperament. He just wanted to be loved. She knew he deserved a chance at a really good home, and she remembered that another rescue person was looking for a male Dane for a family that wanted one badly. A phone call was made, and Moxie's new home was arranged.

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Proud "Dad" with Moxie and friend

The rescue person from Louisiana drove with Moxie's new mom to Texas to pick him up from Tracey, who had taken him to her house to stay until he was neutered and the transport could be arranged. Missie - his new mom - was so excited she could hardly sit still until she saw him.  On the trip back to his new home, Missie rode in the back of the van with him, and he laid his head in her lap. If she stopped petting him, he nudged her hand to get her attention.

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Moxie with his new family!



Moxie met all of his new family members, which includes Missie and dad, Duane, 4 children, 2 dogs and a cat. He was so happy and excited to be able to run free in the yard, and play with the kids and the dogs. And the best part is that he will never, ever have to miss a meal again!!


1/23/2001 - Moxie-Mom update:

      The story is beautiful.  It brought tears to my eyes.   I want to thank you so much for helping us find Moxie.  Also for encouraging me to be patient.  Moxie is more beautiful than I imagined and he seems to fit right in.  He has been great.

      It's after nine and he is already settled in with girls.   He seems to know that when Carrie and Allie go down the house settles down too.   Spot the cat has even decided that he is o.k.

      Once again thank you for helping to add such a wonderful addition to our family. If I can do anything to help your cause please feel free to call.

Missie - Moxie's Mom

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