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Lacey Angel

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Lacey Angel

Lacey Angel - An overload of work and equipment breakdowns, gave Angel the time needed to be found.  A shelter walk-through for border collies revealed this little girl in a corner with her head hung low.  Something special cried out.  She was pulled into foster care with the delight and happiness of a special dog.  She greeted everyone with the enthusiasm of life that Lacey Angel is known for.  An unusual gait revealed hip dysplasia, but her spirit and happiness kept everyone who knew her, working to pull her through heartworm treatment and back to health with strong legs.  At the young age of 1 year, she came alive. 

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A young woman wanted a dog for therapy work, to be her companion and partner, and Lacey Angel became part of a loving family that had cats to herd and people, lots of people, that needed her special love.   A special greeting to all patients and nursing home residents is a rousing   "rrrowlllll" and then a gleam ofhappiness and glint of mischief can be seen in her eyes.  Lacey Angel was named for the angel that protected her , Lacey had a job to do and a special lady to meet.  They are now together.

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