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About LARescue

LARescue is a group of people around the state of Louisiana who are dedicated to the rescue of purebred dogs. Some of us are affiliated with a formal group on either a local, state, or national level, and others of us work independently for the welfare of the breed we love. We are not a formal, incorporated group, but a network of people working together to help one another rescue, evaluate, foster, transport, rehabilitate and rehome purebred dogs that have lost their homes due to a variety of circumstances. Many of us are also involved in educating the public about the responsibilities of owning a dog, and about the many rewards of adopting one of these very special animals.

Many of the dogs we rescue are pulled from animal shelters where they would otherwise be euthanised due to a lack of space and resources. They may have been picked up as strays, or given up by their owners for various reasons. They may have been seized from their owners as victims of cruelty or abuse. Still others are turned in directly to a rescue organization by their owners. Many - too many - have been neglected and abused, are severely underweight, have heartworms, are sick, or depressed. Their medical and nutritional needs are attended to, and they are evaluated for suitability of adoption.

A great deal of care goes into selecting just the right home for these wonderful animals. They are as different in personality and temperament as people, and it is important to match the home with the dog. After all they have been through, it is important that they not be traumatized again by having to come back into rescue due to the home where they were placed turned out to be the wrong one.

Please consider one of the wonderful dogs available for adoption from an LARescue member if you are thinking of bringing one into your family. Any of our members will be happy to help you find just the right one. There are many more available than are shown on our website.


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